Vibrators are a boon to modern women. They help spice up otherwise stagnant sex life. They offer an easy and affordable way to experience a whole different array of emotions.

The best part is that you don’t even need a partner to try them with. They go great with both solo sessions as well as the ones with your partner.

If you’ve decided to opt for a vibrator, but aren’t quite sure of how to get one, this article is for you.

What all to Look For When Buying a Vibrator?

As a beginner venturing into the world of vibrators, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Let’s discuss them one by one.

What it’s made of?

Choosing the right material is critical to a great experience. The choice of material can affect your vibrator’s durability, usage, and cleaning routine.

It’s always advisable to go for a Silicone-based vibrator. The best part about these is that these are non-absorbent.

It simply means that these won’t absorb bodily fluids or oils these come in contact with, thereby extending the life of the product itself.

How much it costs?

Sex toys, including vibrators, are available priced at a wide range. However, opting for cheap ones typically compromises on both its durability as well as its functionality.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a whole lot more to get a quality product. It’s advisable to spend at least $30 to ensure you get a product that’ll stand the test of time.

How big it is?

Now, this is a very personal factor to consider. What size is perfect for you depends entirely on what your preferences are.

If you’re someone who can orgasm just by clitoral stimulation, then a smaller vibrator will get the job done. However, if you prefer penetration, then a penis-shaped larger sized one is more suitable for you.

It’s understandably overwhelming considering all the options available. However, a quick fix is to focus on the best sex of your life. Focus on the size of the penis the guy had. This should give you a rough guide as to what size will get you to climax.

If it goes with your lubricant?

You must figure out if your lube is compatible with your vibrator.

The reason is simple. The wrong type of tube can break down the material of your vibrator, damaging it in the long run.

It’s simple to identify if your lube is compatible with your vibrator or not. Just look at the specifications before purchasing it.

Cleaning and storage?

Not cleaning your vibrator can put you at risk of contracting bacterial infections. Hence you must pay attention to your device’s cleaning routine.

Wash it before using it to ensure that it’s sterile.

Also make sure you clean it thoroughly post usage, using either soap water or a designated sex toy cleaner.


Incorporating a vibrator into a sex routine can be a healthy and fun way to change things up a bit. Knowing everything you’ve just read will ensure you choose the right one, and that you have optimal enjoyment with your new device.