If you are in love with ejaculation, then you will love the squirting dildos. With this awesome dildo, you will be able to dominate your partner with multiple facials and loads. Once your partner has had enough, you can put the ejaculating dildo inside you that will cover you pussy with the creamy and milky fake semen; it just feels like an actual dick cumming inside you pussy. These ejaculating dildos are also considered a good way to release stress; it acts as an alternative to bubble wrap. The dildos cumming inside the pussy releases some amount of dopamine, which helps the user to relax. Presently there are cum hungry girls who are addicted to these squirting dildos.

What Are Squirting Dildos?

Squirting dildos are shaped exactly like the normal dildos; it can be filled with fake semen and allows you to shoot that fake semen inside your pussy to give you the same feeling of a big ejaculating penis. These dildos are mainly used for artificial or fake insemination, for pegging, and realistic facials. It is also used as shot dispensers in the college parties.

Features of a Squirting Dildo

All the squirting dildos have a tubing system and a proper way of forcing the fake semen out of the top hole. Some dildos come with a syringe that you can fill with the fake semen and attach it to the provided tubing. This offers you very precise control over little squirts and also long, powerful shots that can even hit the ceiling. Other dildos work like the turkey basters. You have to dip the top of the head portion of the squirting dildo inside the liquid and then squeeze the balls of the dildo; it will immediately suck up all the liquid. To make it cum, you have to squeeze the balls again. Some of the squirting dildos have external pumps that are connected or attached to the tubing. This works as a harness, and when you do not want to squeeze the artificial dildo balls to make it cum.

Choosing the Semen

The best kind of fake semen is milky white color semen, which is safe to put inside the body. Hybrid silicon lubricants like liquid silk are a very good option; they are thick like the real semen and look milky white. It is safe for the butt hole and the vagina, and the thickness of this makes it travel the same distance as the original semen. It is suggested to avoid making fake semen with various products like coconut oil, cornstarch, and eggs. These are edible and biodegradable materials that can cause bacterial infection in the vagina.

Picking the Color and Size

Like the real penis, the squirting dildos also come in various sizes, shapes, and shades. If you are searching for huge dildos, then you should choose a king cock. These ejaculating dildos are almost 12 inches big and will give you an immense amount of pleasure. Usually, the dildos come in white, black, and brown shades. Some dildos are even available in pink color, which is very funny. These dildos are made up of silicone, which offers a realistic feeling, and some of the dildos also have veins around it, which provides more pleasure to the user.