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Sex glider is an automated sex machine that you can completely control by moving back and front. The dildo that penetrates you is attached to the machine, and you can adequately control the speed and depth of the penetration using the leverage handle or your leg. The sex gilder can be used for both partner and solo play; the glider can be used with both O-ring dildos and suction cups. The only drawback of these awesome sex gliders is that it is very much expensive. Hence it will cost you a good amount of money, but the money’s worth it as it can give you a great amount of pleasure.

Sex Gliders Tips and Ideas

  • Two People Threesome: The monkey sex glider offer you the experience of threesome sex, but only with two people involved in it; the glider acts as the third person in the threesome. The glider can penetrate you hard, and at the sex time, you can enjoy oral sex with your partner.
  • Partner Takeover: When you are very close to orgasm, it can be very difficult to rock the glider by yourself. This the time you can ask your partner to continue rocking the glider so you can have a stress-free and great orgasm. All you need to do is enjoy the pleasure while your partner keeps the glider rocking.
  • Other Toys and Vibrators: The glider completes the total amount of work and gives your hands freedom. For more pleasure, you can use vibrators for stimulating your clit while you are deriving pleasure from riding the sex glider. But there is one small problem; this process will give you the most wanted pleasure, and with this thrill and pleasure, you will not be able to rock the glider while you reach the climax.

Advantages of Using A Sex Glider

  • Safe Sex: The use of a sex glider allows you to have very safe sex as it prevents the risk of any sexually transferred diseases like HPV, HIV, and it also prevents any risk regarding pregnancy. The glider comes with high quality and soft dildos that give you a great and smooth intercourse experience. Some gliders are provided with motor; hence you can connect it, and you do not have to use your hands further. The speed of the dildo can be decreased or increased according to your choice.
  • Privacy: The glider is your sex machine; hence you can fulfill your wild sexual desires with the help of the glider without losing your privacy. You are free to use the glider at any time you want in your room during the night or the day. You can solely enjoy it yourself, and you do not have to ask anyone for any help.
  • Health Benefits: Researches and studies have revealed that sex gliders have many health benefits. It can help in treating vaginal tightness and pain and can also help in treatment for low libido. Doctors often recommend the use of these sex gliders for stressed and depressed people. It gives you a huge amount of pleasure; hence it can move away from stress and give you relief. Slowly due to this, your stress and depression will be gone.