Vibrators are all fun and games until you take them out in the middle of your pleasure to alter the settings. Continuously taking them out for a setting change and putting them back in will break the flow of your stimulation and satisfaction. It’s a messy process to modify the settings repeatedly according to your pleasure build up.

Remote Control vibrators have made their way into the market to take your pleasure to heights. You can control them via apps and don’t have to take them out. You can enjoy orgasms in public by secretly inserting a remote control vibrator up your pussy. You can get creative with long-distance sexual pleasure with your partner by using a remote control vibrator.

Types Of Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control vibrators make it easy to change pleasure settings without any mess. You can control your settings using a remote or an app installed on your phone. Vibrators may come with a personalised remote dedicated to your device. The distance covered by the remote depends on the model and price of your vibrator. Some will work over short distances while some will allow you to control your device from miles away. The market is brimming with some common types of vibrators. Read on to know more about them.

Dedicated remote controlled: Remote controlled vibrators usually work over small distances. You can manage your pleasure through it across your You can opt for a wireless remote to have a more seamless experience. But often some vibrator models come with a wired remote control. Vibrators provide you with a thrilling sensation experience. Sex toys are best for single women or girls who are in a long-distance relationship with their partner. It is also a fun device for partners to play with. You can let your partner control the remote and give you an uncontrollable orgasm.

Internet-connected long-distance control: Bluetooth devices can be accessed over a maximum of 100m range. Control via the Internet allows long-distance couples to revive their sex game. All you need is a steady and robust wifi connection to pep up your long-distance sex pleasure. The only issue is your wifi may go off while you are in the middle of an intense orgasm. You can use video chat platforms and control each other’s sex devices to feel sexually connected.

App-controlled: The technology has outdone itself in the world of vibrators. You can control your Bluetooth vibrators via your mobile app. The apps provide you with a plethora of tailor-made vibration settings. Customise your vibration timing and speed according to your preferences. You can also program it along with a Spotify playlist. Take your pussy on a wild orgasm ride with an app-controlled vibrator.

Wearable: If you have power-play kinks or public orgasm fetishes then opt for a wearable sex toy or panty. You can choose from a Bluetooth or wifi connected wearable pleasure toy. You can control it yourself or let your partner take charge of your orgasm steering wheel. Enjoy it in your room, public place or workplace.

Bluetooth/ Wifi: Wireless remote control sex toys take advantage of Bluetooth or Wifi connections. The only disadvantage is that they have a limited range of access. You can control it while sitting across the same room.

Tips For Using A Remote Control Vibrator?

 The thrill of having an orgasm in public is worth the risk. Be discreet while using a vibrator in public. Don’t go all over with your orgasms in public. People should not be able to know what’s going on between you and your partner. Be respectful and cautious of the surrounding people.

The practice is the key. Play with your vibrator a dozen of times before trying it out in public. Learn the functionality of your vibrator thoroughly before you and your partner decide to get on with your public fetishes. If the app crashes in the middle of your public orgasm experience, it may ruin your mood. So get well prepared before venturing into an open pleasure experience.

Cheap vibrators will be low on your budget but also low on your pleasure levels. Opt for a high-intensity, and a superior quality vibrator get to unmatched satisfaction.

Communicate with your partner to guide them on giving you the perfect pleasure. Overdoing the intensity level may irk you. So it is essential to talk it out before embarking on a sexual pleasure journey. Team effort goes a long way when it comes to stimulation and pleasure.

Choose your vibrator depending on your fetishes and pleasure needs.

The market has different remote control sex toys for the varying needs of women. Everyone will find something that will do justice to their sexual desires. Regular sex toys are no way close to providing the kind of orgasm and excitement offered by a remote control vibrator.