The realistic dildos are made with many layers of silicone materials to replicate the skin’s exact feeling. Some realistic dildos are also molded from original dicks to obtain a lifelike and realistic shape. Some realistic dildos are hand-painted by the veteran artists to the exact color of a fully erected dick. In this article, I will discuss various types of kinds of realistic dildos available in the market.

RealCock Dildos

The RealCock dildos are considered to be a work of art than just dildos. All these RealCock dildos are handmade; hence it takes a lot of time to make one. These dildos are also hand-painted with pigmented silicone. There are three layers of silicone in realistic dildos. The three layers are the firm inner layer, the soft outer layer, and the cover acting as the skin.

Realistic Squirting Dildos

Some realistic dildos are provided with tubing to be filled with fake semen and can be used to make it cum just like the real penis. You can fill the tubing in many ways:

  • You can directly fill the tubing with a syringe that is provided with it
  • You can make it work like a Turkey baster; i.e., you can dip the top of the squirting, dildo’s head portion inside the liquid and squeeze the dildo balls. It will immediately suck up all the liquid. You can use milk-colored lube as your fake semen.

Lifelike Tubes

These silicone dildos are made with very natural and safe materials so that it does not cause any infections or irritation to the people who use them. These dildos are made with some unique silicone material, which gives them an extra realistic feeling compared to the other dildos. These dildos are very famous among all the women in the entire world due to this extra soft feeling. It comes in different colors like chocolate, black, vanilla, and caramel.

Dildos Mold

These dildos are molded from the original penis of the alive and living porn stars and make models. These realistic dildos are made up of just one solid and strong silicone layer, which feels great when it is inside you. The cutting- edge original and realistic feeling made it famous all around the world.

Vibrating Realistic Dildos

This type of dildos has a guy’s name on it to give you a funny thought about it. These dildos’ skin is wrinkled; the texture of veins on the skin is also very much real. It has the dual-density silicone, making it very hard from the inside and incredibly soft on the outside. The coloring scheme of these dildos is not that good, but that does not matter. These dildos are made to make it pleasurable long-lasting, and economical.

Uncircumcised Dildos

The head of these types of dildos is made so that it gives a realistic look and the feeling of an uncircumcised penis. This feature allows you to use it comfortably for both anal and vaginal purposes. The price of these dildos is a bit high, but the dual-density feeling and extra quality make it worth the money.