In the present day, the rabbit vibrator is one of the most famous and demanded sex toys worldwide. It has a cute name, and it is equipped with two vibration motors; this feature makes it so much famous. One motor is used for clit stimulation, and another is used for g-spot stimulation. This provides twice the pleasure compared to other vibrators, and it will surely make the user cum.

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

The rabbit vibrator is mainly a vibrator equipped with two motors; one clit vibrator and one g-spot vibrator. The shape of these vibrators is of a rabbit; hence it is named after its shape. They are also known as dual-action vibrators.

In 1983 the first kind of rabbit vibrators was made by a famous Japanese company known as Vibratex. Vibrators came in various animal shapes like turtles, elephants, kangaroos, and beavers. The other animal-shaped vibrators did not get much priority compared to that of the rabbit-shaped; from that time, the bunny vibrators gained popularity.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

As I have mentioned before that there are two motors for the clit and the g-spot. One motor is placed in clit shaft and another in the vaginal shaft. It is like the normal vibrators having buttons to control the intensities and the pattern of the motors’ vibrations. The vibration pattern of the two motors is usually back and forth and swirl vibrations. Some of the rabbit vibrators have different controls for g-spot and clit motors.

Using the Rabbit Vibrators

There are buttons present on the vibrator’s handle, which can be used to control the intensity and pattern of the vibrations. The down and up buttons allow you to choose the vibration pattern, and the minus and plus button enables you to control the intensity. Some of the rabbit vibrators are waterproof; hence you can use it even while taking a shower.

Important Factors to Keep In Mind before Buying Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are one of the best vibrators that can give you a huge amount of pleasure, but certain factors have to be kept in mind before buying this vibrator.


Silicone is the best material used to make a vibrator as it is simple to clean and safe for the skin. Always avoid those vibrators which are made of PVC, TPE, and jelly.


The cost of the vibrators differs from model to model due to the extra features. Expensive models come with deeper vibrations, better materials, and more advanced features.


For more power, you can use the unique magic wand provided with it. Soraya and Ina 2 are the most potent rabbit vibrators available in the market.


The rabbit vibrators do not make any noise when kept at low settings. As the intensity increases, the rabbit vibrators get a bit louder.


The main patterns are down and up and swirling patterns, so you can choose any of the patterns that give you the most amount of pleasure.


Many rabbit vibrators have a spinning shaft attached inside it that rotates in circles while vibrating. This gives a vast amount of satisfaction to the user.