Long-distance relations can be challenging. Besides the communication gaps and subsequent misunderstandings, one of the most vital parts of relationships that couples miss during such long-distance relations is physical intimacy.



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The lockdown period during the Covid-19 pandemic was a major cause for many breakups, the lost connection between the partners, poor dating life, and reaffirmed the need to revive the physical intimacies with our partners in a non-contact way irrespective of the distance between us.

That’s when I came across this awesome product called Lovense Max, which helps to create sensations that we long for without even being close to our partner.


Lovense Max is one of the first male sex toys in the market which has Bluetooth connectivity. It very closely resembles the feeling of a real vagina. It starts a bit soft and feeble at the opening, but on deeper penetration, it gives a tight vagina and enhances your sensations.

The best thing about Lovense Max is its adaptability to different types of motion, which is pure joy for your manhood. Ranging from stroking motion for your “foreplay” to thrusting motion for your raw animal instincts, Lovense Max caters to all your needs.

Even if you are longing for some oral action, Lovense Max’s air pump design gives you the pleasure of oral sex as well.

Features & How To Use

What makes Lovense Max stand out from the other sex toys in the market is its unique feature of Bluetooth compatibility, which adds to the fun. If your partner has a Nora, a female sex toy, you can sync up both the devices and interact with each other.

For the same-sex couples, they can just buy two Max or two Nora and pleasure themselves. Just by connecting your phones to Bluetooth, you can listen to the moans of your lover with the help of high-quality sound effects.

Also, since each session’s movements and audio can be recorded, individuals can have some private fun when their partner isn’t available.

The outer tube made of plastic on the base of the toy allows controlling the pressure and vibrations. The women can have a lot of control over their man’s orgasm as they can control the pressure and vibrations just by downloading Lovense’s smartphone app ‘Body Chat’.

It also allows the women to control the pressure and vibrations with music. Different settings range from very light to highest, which can be controlled according to the mood and comfort level. You can take turns with your partner to control each other’s devices and tease each other or get straight down to business.

The Air-pump technology is unique in Lovense Max. It is quite astonishing how it can make you feel like you are getting a real blowjob. The deceiving external look of Lovense Max makes it a subtle presence in your house.

Once the cap is on, it can save you from the embarrassment upon being discovered by a stranger or a kid. Lots of awkward questions can be avoided because of its deceiving appearance. However, once the cap is off, it just opens up new realms of pleasure.

It is 6.5 inches deep, which makes it suitable for an average-sized penis.


Even the price of 109$ is good enough for a customizable vibratory device.

What To Look Out For

Lovense Max is a pleasure paradise on the one hand, but on the other hand, it does have some downsides. Users have complained about lost connections from time to time which disrupts the mood of the lovers.

Vibrations may not be the ideal way to reach orgasm for men as men prefer to use their hands for a happy ending.

So unless you are sensitive, vibrations alone won’t be enough to reach climax. However, vibrations help to prolong the pleasure and do not let you ejaculate immediately. So for a long romantic session, it might be a good fit. Cleaning after you have finished might be a bit messy.

The orifice size might not be comfortable for all, so make sure you apply lube before entry.