To make sex an enjoyable experience for everyone and achieve the highest pleasure, we now have sex furniture. Sex chairs, benches, stools, and pleasure pillows are some of the pieces of furniture which have gained popularity among couples who love experimenting.

Sex chairs are perfect for woman-on-top positions, while chaise lounges are meant for playing with a wide range of moves. If you are new to this and are unsure about the right sex chair for you, read further for some inspiration.

Best Selling Esse Chair



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Black Label




This is the most stylish and simple, fun chair, which gives couples a plethora of options to spice up their sex lives.


  • It includes a wide foam frame, which offers ample support
  • The velvet cover is machine-washable. So even if you make a mess, the cleaning will be easy. There is also a waterproof lining, making sure that the stains and spots remain on the washable layer.
  • The chair is made from high-density foam, which gives it extra stability. The Esse can withstand the strongest impact.

Esse Chaise

If you want a compact and sleeker version of the Esse chair, this is what you need. The sleekness makes it comfortable to straddle, while the low lying body allows you to get better support from the floor. This is a suitable option for shorter couples.


  • In terms of versatility, the Chaise is better than the original Esse. Although it’s not too high from the floor, you can purchase a Flip Stage to lift the chair to 8 extra inches.
  • It features all the options of the Esse; the Chaise too is comfortable to set up and clean. This model also has a washable outer layer.
  • There is a Black Label version of this chair, which will cost extra bucks. However, it’s worth the cost because you will get accessories such as bondage cuffs. So if you enjoy being restrained, the Black Label version will not disappoint you.

Esse II

One of the first things that you will take note of this product is its cost. It is way costlier than the original Esse. They also have didlo mount you can use, build for all the best sex toys! But the cost can be justified if you look at the various features of this chair, such as a luxurious faux lambskin, wooden base, and maple feet.


  • Compared to the previous versions, the Esse ll is more stable and sturdy. This means you can comfortably switch between the various standing sex positions.
  • The prominent feature of this chair is the mini scoop accessory. This accessory allows you to convert this chair into a fabulous massage bed.
  • It does require some expertise in assembling the product. However, the instruction manual is concise, and you can put it together effortlessly
  • The design of this chair is very chic and contemporary. You can even put it in the living room as it blends in with every kind of décor.

Esse Chaise II

The Esse products keep getting better with every new product. The Esse Chaise ll is also a premium sex chair that ensures that you enjoy versatility with your partner.


  • The Chaise ll can double as living room furniture. You can transform it into an erotic chair in no time.
  • The premium setting allows you to adjust the headrest in different ways to have more options to play with.
  • It is sold in a wide variety of colors and fabric to blend into any décor
  • It provides a full-body support
  • The cover, like in other models, is removable and washable. It also includes a waterproof inner layer of fabric.

Conversion Kits

All the sex chair models are fabulous and do a great job in supporting the body during a steamy intimate session. A lot of you out there might still be confused as to which model to choose. We have a solution for you. The sexiest thing about Esse lounger is that you can upgrade the original Esse chair. You can do this by purchasing the Liberator conversion kit.

The Liberator Conversion Kit includes the following accessories to spice things up:

  • A wooden base
  • A microfiber cover, available in the color of your choice
  • Maple wooden feet as found in the premium models

Two Reasons to Choose The Liberator Esse Chair

  • The chairs are versatile, stylish, and trustworthy. Whether you love a subtle experience or a hard-core one, Liberator Esse Chairs support you the best.
  • The chairs look good, can complement any décor, and also are easy to deflate and fold. These chairs can make any difficult positions easy to hold. These are also suitable for couples with a significant height difference.