Do you want some sex enjoyment without any hassle? When the term called accessibility of enjoying the feeling of sex with safety, then the hands-free toys are the best choice. There are many health conditions or disabilities that might affect your arms and hands. This can happen because of using those sex toys, which you have to move around, which might make it impossible or difficult. So here is some good news for you all. Nowadays, you can avail of the experience of hands-free sex toys.

This article is for showing you some of the types of hands-free toys and how to purchase such toys. It will help you to buy the best products and will have some idea of hands-free sex toys. These products help to fulfill the needs of the people who are suffering from some disabilities, and such are limited mobility, limited difference, limited grip, limited reach, Arthritis, Spinal cord injury. Let’s look at the buyer’s guide.

Buyers Guide

There might be several reasons for purchasing hands-free sex toys. It can be for your disabilities, or you can even like it. This buyer’s guide will help you with a lot of things. You can get a piece of proper knowledge about sex toys. You can know your needs, desires better than anyone else. So that why when you will go to browse a hands-free sex toy, you should keep some things in your recommendation list. Let’s check out the things which you have to keep in mind.

  • Power: – You will have to see that the toy runs on electricity or not. If yes, then does it run on battery, or is it rechargeable? The small cells are now conventional in sex toys. But the rechargeable toys use the magnetic connections of charging, which will require less skill for attachment.
  • Is it proper hands-free: – There are lots of hands-free sex toys in use. But most of them require a certain manipulation level, grip or dexterity for getting them ready for the usage and cleaning them after your usage.
  • Controls: – You should always check out the position and sizes of every button. You should check out whether they can change the toy settings of your sex toys while using or not. You will be amazed to know that nowadays, sex toys can get controlled by your smartphone.

Few Types of Hands-Free Sex Toys

So here is a guide of some favorite sex toys which can be experienced in hands-free. So, let’s check out some of the toys

Vibrators: – The vibrators are known as the most popular sex toy of this generation. In terms of vibrators, you can find many varieties in the market that have been specifically designed for hands-free use. These types are designed to be sat or worn on. They tend to be fitted inside your underwear or might be held in some places with your anatomy. There are some types of vibrators where you tend to turn on before placing them correctly. There tends to be more difficult for adjusting while using. So you can find more worth of money if you tend to spend your time in settings that will work best for you. Most of the vibrators are coming with the remote, or it can get controlled by your smartphone through an app.


There are very few toys in the market for penetration, which has designed for a hands-free experience. There are lots of toys that will require some manipulation level for inserting and keeping in the place. There are few which come with the features of hands-free, which will make it more accessible. The simplest one is known as the dildo along with the suction cup. These are attached to the smooth surface like the tiled floor. Dildos that comes without the base might work for you if you get them in the perfect place. You must look for the one which comes along with t shaped or flared base along with the narrowed neck for safety and comfort.

Dildo Mounts

These are designed mostly for sex aids or pillows for getting the right level experience of hands-free. They tend to hold the sex toys in the right place during your ride, thrust, or grind. It comes with a lot and a lot of varieties in the market.

This one is known as the most popular toy amongst the men. This comes with the sheath of the silicon or textured rubber, which tends to stroke over the penis. If you cannot get a stroke or hold the sleeve by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use one. Lots of options are available in the market, which comes with the firm case, which is propped with the pillows, allowing you to thrust.