A woman does not always need a partner for seeking heavenly pleasure, does she? It all lies in her hands. And, when her hand holds equipment, it is a pleasure of seven heavens combined. Yes, you all guessed it right. Wand Massagers or vibrators (as they are popularly known), are loved and admired by women. Be it clitoral stimulation or complete vaginal penetration; wand massagers make sure that you reach the ultimate climax. But it is our job to choose the perfect thing that will make your masturbation memorable.

How To Choose The Best Vibrator?

No woman will like spending a significant amount on this “thing of pleasure” and still choose the wrong one. So, here we will understand some of the factors that every woman should take into consideration while buying a wand massager.

Softer The Better

It is okay if you ignore the shape, look, weight, and type of a wand massager. But the front part which is going to do all the work for you should never be compromised. Many women end up choosing a vibrator having plastic top end. Forget about pleasure and climax, it can hurt your sensitive vagina, and the thought of masturbation might horrify you. Silicone should always be your top priority when choosing a wand massager. The softer the material, the harder your orgasm will be.

Personal choice

$60 is the minimum, and $200 is the maximum you need to pay for vibrators. But if your friend has bought a $200 one, it doesn’t mean it is the best. A wand massager should be chosen according to your preference and what matters to you. You need to decide if you need a waterproof one or if there is any specific colour in your mind? Do you wish to feel the thrill with 20-speed options, or are you satisfied with two? All these questions need to be answered before choosing it.

Silent Massagers

Your or your partner’s finger cannot produce the vibrations your clitoris craves for. But a high-powered wand massager can. It can give you the most intense orgasms and even drain you faster. However, a powerful vibrator does not mean the one that alerts your family and neighbours about your private adventures. Someone catching you in your bed in an awkward position can be the worst nightmare. So, you need to choose from the newer models that have quieter motors. By these two factors, you can feel the thrill without distracting others.

If you wish to move out of your bed and explore this adventure, then cordless should be your choice. Cord vibrators can be distracting with the wire coming on your thigh or navel. Cordless can be carried anywhere and be placed on your vagina from any angle. Also, if the shower is your favourite place, then waterproof should be your favourite option. The feeling of the hot shower dripping and your waterproof vibrator doing its magic is unmatched.

The Style Factor

It depends on what type of person you are. If you do not mind revealing that you have a wand massager in your house, then you can opt for the elegant designs. If you are afraid of irritating children and interrogative visitors, then the designs carrying the look of a simple neck or back massager should be your choice.


If all these five factors concerning wand massagers are ticked, you will never regret choosing it. Thrilling orgasms and complete satisfaction will be at the doorstep of your bedroom, for sure.