Vibrators are considered to be perfect sex devices. These are small, light, portable, and easy to hide sex toys, which can perfectly satisfy a throbbing clit.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are the most portable, smallest, and simplest vibrators in the world. For masturbation, you can firmly hold the sexy device along with your index finger to act as an extension of your hand. You can also use it for sex as it is very small that it can settle down between you and your partner, especially for those positions where bigger vibrators will not fit.

Mini Vibrators

The mini vibrators’ height is the same as the bullet vibrators, but these are rounder and wider. These vibrators are best for delivering the pleasing vibes to the total vaginal opening, not only the clit. This is because the rounded shape of the vibrator covers more area, giving more pleasure to the surrounding of the vaginal opening. The motors in the mini vibrators are bigger compared to the bullet vibrators and also provide stronger vibrations. Due to these extra facilities, these vibrators are a bit heavy, less portable, and also awkward to hold.

Egg Vibrators

These vibrators come in the shape of an egg, as the name suggests; the size is almost the same as the bullet vibrators. These vibrators are mostly attached to a particular cord, which allows you to play with your Kegels. Some of these egg vibrators also have remote control facilities, and your partner can control it.

How to Use a Vibrator

  • For Couples: Most women need a huge amount of clitoral stimulation for orgasm, so with a bit of practice, these vibrators can be useful while having sex. These are small enough to be positioned appropriately against your sensitive clitoris in most of the positions. Or you can also slip it between you and your partner.
  • Useful to Most Parts of the Body: Set the vibrator on a low scale, and then you can roll it freely through your nipples, inner thighs, the arch above your butt, and on the back of your knees.
  • Lube: The sensation and pleasure delivered by the vibrator increases by many folds when a little lube is added to it. Safe, stimulating lubricants like Southern Butter Enhance Balm can immensely heighten the sensitivity and make orgasm much more intense.
  • Apply it Horizontally: It is not always necessary to use the tip or the top head of the vibrator. Using it horizontally also provides a different kind of pleasure.
  • For Guys: Vibrators also work great on guys. It can be used for enhanced stimulation on the groin and the balls.
  • Semi-public/ public: You can use these portable vibrators for quick orgasm in restaurants, movies, or parks.

Best Vibrators for Beginners

In this list, I will mention some less expensive bullet vibrators that are best for the beginners to use.

  • Gaia EcoBullet.
  • Umania Bullet.
  • Simple Bullet.
  • Screaming- O Bullet.

There is a disadvantage of using these cheap vibrators: they have low settings, loud, required batteries can break easily.

Best Vibrators for Experienced Users

Here I will list some powerful vibrators for the advanced users.

    • Lelo Mia 2.
    • WeVibe Tango.
    • Maude.