Thinking about trying new sex positions but not quite sure how to go about it?

Or are you one of those pleasure seekers who love to enjoy longer intimate moments with your partner, but your back doesn’t support you?

There is a perfect solution. For more comfortable sex, you need to try sex pillows, benches, or cushions.

There are three types of pleasure pillows:

  • Cushion Pillows – it offers support to your bottom and gives you a lift for deeper penetration.
  • Wedge Pillows – it supports the head and torso.
  • Ramp Pillows – these type of sex pillows gives support to your entire body. Great for having oral sex.

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The liberator Ramp

The liberator ramp has a 10″-14″ rise. It gives a comfortable lift to your butt. It is angled in a way to allow deeper penetration with ease and without making you feel uncomfortable. The ramp is best for couples who enjoy the girl-on-top positions and the doggy style.


  • It removes the pressure from your knees and wrists so that you feel heightened pleasure without exerting yourself.
  • The high-density foam gives the best support, even on soft beds.
  • It comes with a waterproof lining, which makes washing easy.
  • It is available in different sizes that are compatible with different body sizes.


  • It belongs to the premium range of sex pillows, so it is expensive.

Liberator Flip Ramp

If you are looking for versatility in bed, then the Liberator’s flip ramp is your perfect aid. You can flip it open to access an inclined ramp with smooth and gentle curves. If the angle is not enough, you can close the two parts and turn into a rectangular shaped ramp with more height.


  • It has a discreet design. You can close it and turn it into an ottoman
  • Great for couples who have a bigger frame
  • Suitable for doggy-styles and oral sex


  • Although it has a zipper, you will have a tough time removing the cover.

Liberator Heart Wedge

This is smaller compared to the other pleasure pillows. But it can create the best position to get to the G-spot with ease. It has a gorgeous velvet covering, which is polyester and comes with a waterproof lining. This fabric is used to allow couples to enjoy a steamy time together without worrying about the mess they might make.


  • You don’t need to lock it up. The design passes it off as a décor pillow.
  • The velvet cover gives you a sexy feeling.
  • It is a perfect anniversary or valentine’s day gift.


  • It is small. It might not be suitable for those who are looking for more robust torso support.

The Liberator Wedge

Don’t let the subtlety fool you. It is incredibly functional and gives you optimum support when you are in the mood for mischief. Suitable for couples who enjoy the missionary positions as it allows for better penetration and heightened pleasure. You can also enjoy doggy and anal sex without straining your wrists or hurting your knees and pelvis.


  • The wedge, when coupled with the liberator ramp, is your stairway to heaven.
  • It has a more significant dimension, which makes it fit for plus-sized couples.
  • Since it has a simple design, it can be camouflaged as a sleeping pillow.


  • Does not include BDSM clips

Liberator Pulse

The Liberator Pulse can be said to be a dildo cushion. It features a narrow and low design. The rocking sensation that it creates makes it perfect for straddling sex poses such as the cowgirl. You can use it for solo fun, and alternatively, you can use it with your partner. The pillow also has two pockets, which can be used to attach sex toys like the dildo.


  • The ergonomic design offers maximum support and moves with the rhythm of rocking.
  • Excellent aid if you need double penetration
  • You can remove its cover and wash it easily.


  • It isn’t the most versatile sex cushion. You can enjoy only limited action.

Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

The Liberator Axis is what you need if you want to mount your magic wand. It offers double the fun; you can enjoy clitoral stimulation and at the same time get serviced by your man. If not using a wand, you can use it as a body-wedge. It can also moonlight as a positioning pillow for men.


  • You can mount and remove your sex toy with ease.
  • It has a window to use the controls of your magic wand easily.


  • Some might find it expensive, but can you put a price on pleasure?

Inflatable Sex Cushion – Half Moon Pillow

Couples can use this inflatable and portable comfort pillow to increase pleasure and intimacy. The downward angles and semi-circle design makes it perfect for doggy styles. It supports your hip at a comfortable height, which makes it great for sex from behind.

The shape supports you to hold the position, preventing you from slipping during a pounding. No matter how hard the thrusts you get, the Half Moon will softly cradle you.


  • The portable and deflatable design allows you to carry it anywhere.
  • Allows easy storage as you can deflate it
  • It is affordable
  • It offers the perfect support and prevents slipping even during hardcore intercourse.


  • It is not very durable.