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Sex machines are great additions to spice up your sex life. However, it’s easy to get lost in an endless ocean of options that await you.

Finding the right machine that comes handy for both you as well as your partner is crucial. Also, it’s essential to differentiate between sex machines and sex toys and the one more suited to your needs.

All of that and more shall be discussed. Read on.

What is Sex Machine?

Sex machines are devices designed to stimulate you artificially. They are typically larger than sex toys and pleasure to a point where you can orgasm.

They are available for both men and women. Sex machines are of several different types, including vibratory and saddle. These cover all aspects of your sexual health.

Due to their larger size, they are usually higher powered and provide a longer-lasting, realistic experience.

What all Benefits Does a Sex Machine Provide?

You must be thinking, why should you choose to use a sex machine when you could have sex with your partner or masturbate? Let’s discuss this.

  • Sexual introspection: Knowing your body is key to having a great sexual experience. Sex machines help you do just that. Knowing what you love also enables you to be more in sync with your needs. Thus it is a win-win for both of you.
  • It saves time: Often, we desire sex not for the entire experience, but as an avenue to release our stress. A sex machine can prove to be incredibly useful at such times. With settings to bend it precisely to your will (pun intended), it serves as a great way to get the job done instantly.
  • It spices up your regular sex life: Sex can get boring in long term relationships. It’s likely to feel redundant after a point. This is where a sex machine can help by rekindling the romance in the bedroom. Moreover, watching your partner use the device can serve to be extremely arousing for some.
  • Safety: Sex machines are incredibly convenient for people not wanting to deal with the consequences that are by-products of real sex. Sex machines can provide you with pleasure without the risk of contracting STDs, or pregnancy for women.
  • Eases up long-distance relationships: Long distance relationships tend to be taxing on our sexual health. Incorporating a sex machine during your skype sessions can provide a great view to both the parties, and thus ease up the situation.
  • Provides great practice: Sex machines are especially useful for people who are inexperienced at sex. It’s always a good practice to work with the device for a while before you get to the real thing. That way, you can ensure a good time for both you and your partner.

What to Look For When Buying a Machine for Sex?

  • Readymade vs DIY: Choose the readymade ones if you’re not willing to spend the extra time setting the machine up.
  • What the machine is made of: Porous sex machines can give rise to tons of bacteria on its surface. Hence it’s recommended that you buy a machine made up of a non-porous material such as Silicone.
  • Add-ons: Some sex machines offer you the option to use various attachments. Choose one such machine if you intend to experiment with several different styles.
  • Power: The motor run machines provide high thrusting power. Look for penetration depth and vibratory property before you buy one.
  • Price: You must decide on a budget before shopping for a sex-machine. Sex machines are a huge investment. Decide on the one you want based on your budget.
  • Size and Storage: If you’re someone who wants to keep his/her sex machines private, then it’s advisable to select one that is relatively small in size. Also, choose a machine that makes less noise if privacy is your priority.
  • Return Policy: It’s always advisable to know the product’s return policy before you buy one. It ensures you can get a refund if the product doesn’t match your expectations.

Using a Sex Machine

Use Lubricants: Always opt for a water-based lubricant. It reduces friction and makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

Use attachments: It’s recommended to have a bunch of different accessories so that you can find out the one that works for you.

Knowing the machine: It’s essential to spend some time with the device to figure out how it works. Check for durability and play around with different speeds.

Finding a spot: You don’t want any disturbances during your sessions. Hence find the ideal place to use your sex-machine.

Creativity: Let your imagination run wild. Sex machines provide a safe outlet to explore all your fantasies.

Use a blanket: Often, machines create a rumbling noise when used on the floor. It’s best to use a sheet to avoid this.

Some Safety Tips

Remember to buy your sex machines only from a store you trust.

Take care of your machines well. Store them well.

Ensure that you clean your device regularly. This prevents infections from ruining your experience.


Having said all that, the most important thing is to have tons of fun.

Make sure you communicate with your partner regarding the machines beforehand. Also, ensure that you use the appropriate amount of lubricants to avoid discomfort for both of you.

A sex machine can amp up your bedroom. It’s time you join in on the action.