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Everyone has sex with their partner, but very few try something new. If you wish to take your sex life to a whole new level, then you shouldn’t be shy of experimenting. Be it an unexplored sex position or moving to a place other than your everyday mattress, something new always adds spice to your sex life. One such thing can be a Sex Chair or sex sofa. Many couples ignore this beautiful and beneficial thing and keep their sexual pleasure incomplete. But here, as we unwind the benefits and importance of a sex chair, it will be hard for you to stop yourself from having it.

Types of Sex Chair?

Also known as a lounger or small couch, it is a cosy replacement for your traditional mattress. It adds more versatility to your standard and boring sex by giving you the leverage to try out unique positions. These sofas provide excellent stability to your body as they are made from superior dense foam. The thrusting power which can be achieved with a sex chair can show your partner a glimpse of heaven on earth. It easily fits with the décor of your home and looks like a normal mini-couch. You can clean it, remove and wash its cover like a regular sofa. With these many benefits, a sex chair must be that unique asset of your sex adventure.

Why You Need a Sex Sofa

Now, we will have a brief look at the five main reasons why a lounger should not be kept off your bedroom.

  1. Size Won’t Matter: Whether your partner has a small or big penis, the additional thrust provided by a sex chair will make it reach to your glorious G-spot. Despite the height differences between you and your partner, the list of available sex positions won’t be falling short because of the additional height of the couch.
  2. Spend Your Energy For The Right Thing: On a traditional mattress, most of your energy is spent on choosing the right position and maintaining proper body contact with your partner. However, sex lounger is designed to support effective sex positions and reduce your effort. It allows men to drive their stamina in increasing the longevity and passion of their sexual intercourse.
  3. Curves Protect Joints: Your body curves can attract your man, but the curves of a sex sofa can protect the joints of both people. Too much pressure on the knees or any other joint can spoil the excitement and mood of the session. Thus, a sex chair can come to your rescue with its efficient curves which will reduce the body strains and maintain the passion. Oral sex can become more enjoyable due to the reduced pressure on the neck.
  4. One Furniture, Many Possibilities: When you remove the word “sex”, it still has a “sofa/chair” in it. So, it can be used as a normal couch while reading books or watching television. You can even take a nap on it after long, passionate sex.

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For your friends and relatives visiting your home, it might look like fancy and unique furniture. But only you and your partner know the naughty, yet beneficial things your sex chair does.