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To be precise, sex dreams aren’t just limited to horny teenagers! But people tend to face problems when they try to convert these weirdest sex dreams into reality. Moreover, it is quite normal for couples to experiment with newer positions.

But after hopping into bed, they usually find that the position is not ideal and doesn’t work. In a majority of times, it may be our body statistics that don’t match up properly. However, if you scrutinize minutely, the issue may not be in your body.

We usually tend to forget the bed can also pose a hindrance to practice varied sex positions. This is where opting for the right sex bench can make all the difference. With the help of a proper sex bench, both you and your partner can practice an array of sex positions.

In other words, they are turning those wildest sexual fantasies become a reality with the help of these sex benches.

Aspects to Consider while Choosing a Sex Bench

Well, by now, you may be thinking about the reasons to opt for a sex bench despite the presence of furniture in your home. It is imperative to note here that not all furniture can double up as sex benches for bondage play. Here are certain things to consider while buying new furniture for kinky fun.

Benefits of using a Bench Designed for Sex

One of the critical highlights of sex furniture is that it can fit your body shape and contours well. In other words, you can avail several levels of elevation with the help of sex furniture. So you can practice varied types of sexual positions without sacrificing much on your comfort.

On the other hand, the contours have full support for body weight. These contours can elevate you into positions that can assist with the preferred sex positions. Let’s cite an example in this regard. We all know about riding positions while having sex.

When you have sex with your partner in the riding position, it would be challenging to practice it for long sessions. Interestingly, the right sex bench can elevate you enough, which ensures that there is no extra load on your legs. In simple words, the muscles present in your legs tend to suffer less from stress.

You can find sex furniture with raised hips or buttocks that allows for better positioning for sex. Sexual activities like spankings can often be challenging to practice on flatter surfaces like beds. But when you have a bench to lean over, you would get the desired support and pleasure.

Sex furniture is increasingly becoming popular because of its elevation levels. Sex furniture from reputed brands also comes with adjustable elevation, which takes sexual satisfaction to all-new levels. 

Several Varieties of Bench you can consider

As you explore the vast world of sex furniture, you would come across various options. Some of the most common sex benches are:

  • Bench for spanking
  • Bench for bondage
  • Bench for trying various sex positions

Attachment Points in Sex Benches

While buying sex benches, it is crucial to consider the aspect of attachment points too. For instance, you would come across various types of sex benches that have restraint attachment points. On the other hand, some benches only fit into one category, like benches comprising a flat top.

It would help if you also were mindful of the fact that there is a difference between positioning and bondage benches. As the name suggests, positioning benches are for the sole purpose of practicing various types of sex positions.

On the other hand, bondage benches come with restraint points for spanking. They usually have a smaller form factor designed for your partner to kneel comfortably.

Attachment & Addon Types

In the market, you would usually find sex benches for bondage with plastic buckle attachments. But plastic attachments are not an ideal choice as restraint types can limit your movement. So if you want a sex bench that would provide great pleasure, opt for the ones with metal attachment points.

The D-ring or the O-ring attachment points are quite ideal if you require the extra support. Also, metal attachment points have great strength and support a variety of weights and bondage positions.  

Recommended Materials

If you are a first-time buyer, it is quite normal to feel confused about the material of the sex benches. But you should note that a majority of reputed sex furniture makers include a firmer surface on top. Despite the surface being firm, you can practice all sorts of sexual positions comfortably.

But note that the cover material comprises various materials. Some of them are as follows:

  • Microfiber
  • Polyester
  • Faux Suede
  • Faux Leather

While buying sex benches, you should opt for those that are easily washable. For instance, buying a sex bench made of faux suede is non-washable. If possible, opt for those types of materials that come with outer covers. After each session, you can remove the covers and clean them.

Remember that you should be aware of hygiene while practicing sex positions on benches. After each session, you should never forget to clean and wipe them with disinfectants.  

Are Sex Benches Expensive?

Well, sex benches are quite expensive as they are for the sole purpose of BDSM and bondage. In other words, these types of furniture fulfill particular objectives. On the other hand, if you happen to invest in sex benches, you would never be disappointed with your purchase.

As mentioned earlier, they are for particular roles. Also, a majority of them come equipped with attachment points for restraints during intense sexual activities. Another important thing about them is their design ergonomics.

They are compatible with a variety of body contours. You can stay in a comfortable position for a longer duration with the help of this sex furniture.   

The intriguing wavy shape of these sex benches is enough for you and your partner to practice sex positions. So buy one today and add a tinge of spice to your sex life.