Prostate orgasm is considered one of the best and most amazing feelings you can experience in your entire life. For experiencing this feeling, you can use prostate massagers along with penis masturbation. These fabulous toys are here to give you the best orgasm feeling ever. Apart from this, it is also revealed that men who experience frequent prostate stimulation have healthy prostates and can also learn to back multiple orgasms.

Using a Prostate Massager

The prostate massager gives you a vast amount of pleasure, but you need to know how to use it for experiencing this pleasure.

Preparing and Cleaning

Many people wait for sometime after having their bowel movement for using the prostate massager. This to keep the rectum empty. For extra safety, just put down a towel if the thing goes messy at any point in time. For making sure that your rectum is clean, you can do anal douching, which will make sure that the rectum is spotless. The P-spot toys are very small, so extreme cleaning is not required to use them properly.


The most important thing about using a prostate massager is to find the right and exact position. The position can be different for different people; hence, you need to try first and then deduce which position works the best for you. Most of the men lie on their back with bent knees, and the legs are lifted. Using a pillow to support the knees can be helpful as it provides comfort to the user.

Many other like to lie on the side with bent legs towards the chest. Once you have positioned yourself properly, try to relax and slacken up the rectum. Use a bit of lubricant and try to push the messenger in the rectum slowly; do not try to put it in at once. After that, try to locate the prostate with the massager. In the beginning, the sensation will feel a bit weird, but slowly you will get accustomed to this new feeling and sensation.

The massagers are designed so that it will find the right place, and then you can slowly enjoy it. The massager is provided with vibrators, so it is advised to set the vibrator at a low setting in the beginning and then slowly increase the intensity of the vibrator. It can take a few trials to perfect the technique and the position, but once you have the right technique and the position, it will be very easy, and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Finding the P-Spot

Many people think that the men P-spot s very much similar to the g-spot of the female. The female’s g-spot orgasm filled your pleasure; it is very much similar to the p-spot orgasm as well. The P-spot pleasure is also exclusive, and it cannot be defined in words. By saying this, it is also very important to mention that exactly finding the p-spot is not very easy. There is no proper instruction for finding the p-spot, but when you reach there, it will provide a great sensation, and you will be able to feel the electricity running through your whole body; and that confirms that you are in the right place.