In this article, I will discuss various types of glass dildos.

We have tested out different types of glass toys of all quality… we’ll help you make the right decision!

All the toys we recommend you can purchase and have free delivery with most of them.

Twisted Glass Dildo

The twisted glass dildo is safe for both vaginal and anal use. This is a glass dildo of 6 inches that comes in a beautiful twisted design as it will be screwed inside your beautiful hot body. This type of glass dildo is not for beginners; if they do not know how to use it, it can be harmful. The experienced toy users can derive a huge amount of pleasure when they put it in their pussy. The top of the dildo comes with an aurora borealis Swarovski crystal, which comes in different colors.


  • The appearance is stunning.
  • Construction is of high quality.


  • The twisted design is a bit tricky to use. People should know the correct way to use it.

Basic and Strong Glass Dildo

This type of glass dildos is very simple, and the design is very straight forward. This type of dildos’s total length is mostly 7 inches that give you a huge amount of pleasure. This glass dildo comes with a beautiful free storage bag that can be used to safely keep the glass dildo. It also helps in keeping the dildo in tip-top and great condition. The Swarovski crystal in this dildo also comes in different colors, but the “majestic blue” color is no longer available.


  • The dildo is made with borosilicate glass, which is very strong.
  • It is safe for anal and vaginal use.


  • The Blue Swarovski crystal is not available anymore.

Spectral Glass Dildo

These spectral glass dildos are so beautiful and magnificent that people would not even think twice to praise it. The unique curved shape of this dildo is designed with the sole purpose of stimulating the very sensitive G- spot of the females. The firm and hard construction help make it much more reliable, and the females can use it in style. These dildos are made with soda-lime glass (much similar to Pyrex), and ten inches long. These dildos are thick and big enough to satisfy the needs of the women.


  • Unique shape.
  • Best for G- spot stimulation.


  • It is expensive.

Ribbed Glass Dildos

These glass dildos are almost 8 inches and are double-sided glass ribbed that can give you immense pleasure. One end of the dildo is the tapered head, and the circumference is almost 4 inches, and the other end has a thick bulldozing head with a circumference of 5.6 inches. So you can use it as per your mood. If you are in the mood to tease yourself, you can use the small ribbed section, and if you want immense pleasure, you can use the side with the bulldozed head.


  • 8 inches long.
  • Both ends can be used.


  • It becomes very slippery when lubricated.