If you enjoy spanking and eager to add a whip or two to your sex life, selecting the right one is essential. In the realm of BDSM, the term “whip” can refer to anything. From floggers to bullwhips, you would come across a lot of tools which can make you confused.

All these whips are usually crucial in BDSM foreplay. In case you don’t know, the BDSM community calls this as “impact play.” And yes, you don’t have to go much deep in the world of BDSM to buy a whip. Sensation play is a type of BDSM which includes new varieties of touch to stimulate your partner. From playful smacks to sharp stings, the right tools can be the sole difference makers.


If you are starting out with BDSM sensation play, you will find that various toys offer varying sensations. Getting used to the toys and know how they function is a great way to master sensation play in BDSM. As long as you engage in sensation play safely, you should feel free to experiment with various toys. So let’s take a glance at some of the sensation toys and the level of intensity provided by them.


If you want to explore impact play in BDSM properly, then floggers are your best toys. Moreover, they are also a practical choice for beginners who want to experiment with pain in a consensual BDSM context. It also depends a great deal on the make of the flogger and the type of force used by the person handling it.

So it is imperative to opt for a good quality flogger to get the desired intensity during impact play. Usually, floggers comprise handles and falls. The falls contain leather, rubber, or other material. Note that they are the part which hits your partner’s body.

Usually, the thicker the falls, the lower would be the intensity level. And when you are opting for a flogger with thinner falls, they can cause a stinging sensation. Floggers comprising extra-thick falls may not sting at all. So while buying, you should also opt for floggers with thinner falls.

The intensity of the floggers also relies a great deal on the build material of the falls. For instance, the falls of a flogger can comprise leather of various types. The softer leather has a lower intensity level. On the other hand, stiff leather, when wielded with the right force, has high-intensity levels.

And if you want a flogger, which wouldn’t be much painful, then opt for floggers made from jersey knight. The way your partner uses the flogger also creates a big difference. For instance, your partner can caress and tickle you for a lighter sensation. Hitting with the middle part of the falls creates a moderate sensation. Using the flogger like a multi-tailed whip can result in maximum sensation.


If you want a light impact play, then ticklers are the best you have. One of the highlighting aspects of ticklers is that they don’t cause pain. What’s more, they contain soft feathers, which are responsible for the tickling sensation.

Ticklers are a great way to arouse your partner during the impact play session. Running them along the side of your partner’s body can result in pleasurable outcomes. But if you think ticklers are only for non-torture sensation play, you are wrong. You can as well use them by finding a ticklish point on your partner.        


Well, whips mean business right away! In other words, they are the most intense toys in the realm of sensation play. If you are a beginner, refrain from using whips as incorrect handling can cause severe pain. If you are learning to commence with sensation play, go for floggers, as they are a much safer option.

Be mindful of the fact that whips can cause an extreme stinging sensation, and thus one should handle them properly. Whips usually come in various materials, and in many cases, they have one or more tails. However, the most commonly used whips are the single-tail whips. Some of the single-tail whips are snake whips, bullwhips, etc. In the world of BDSM, the dragon tail whip is the most intense one.   

Don’t Always Run Behind Pain

There is no denying the fact that BDSM has excellent intensities. And in the midst of these intensities, we often tend to forget about the pain. Always treat pain as an alternative and not a need. People usually enjoy it when they indulge in painful sensation play. But don’t ever try to push the limits of your pain tolerance. If you are feeling uneasy, communicate appropriately to your partner.

On the other hand, your partner on the top should be knowledgeable enough to handle BDSM toys properly. Improper handling can cause serious injuries. The ideal position to deliver the blows also has a more significant say in how pleasurable you feel. It is always preferable to start from the low intensity and then to accelerate to higher levels.    

The Significance of Foreplay or Warm-up

Well, we all know the importance of warming up before our fitness regime. The same is true when you embark on the journey of intense play. In case you are raring to bear all the pain, it is still a good idea to warm-up with lighter blows. Light intensity blows with the flogger are the most preferred option. You can also opt for a flogger that comes with thicker falls.

And when you start with a lighter intensity level, your partner on the bottom can communicate. Starting with a lower intensity level and then gradually moving to a higher level is more pleasurable. Your partner would be able to tolerate a more extended session when you adhere to maintaining proper intensity levels.     

So as you can see, you have to be careful when handling toys like whips and floggers. Before the session, you should have a detailed chat with your partner. In this manner, both of you would be more aware of the situation.