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The market offers a plethora of fleshlight, which are all equally tempting. The only drawback with this toy is that you cannot return one after using it for trial. Fleshlights come in different forms which will provide you with different types of pleasure.

Fleshlights That Give you the Feel of Your Favourite Pornstar!

Fleshlight often take the form of your favourite pornstar’s vagina or butt. The fleshlights have different levels of sensitivity, super skin and sleeves. Often the toys are also studded with small bullet vibrators to juice up your penis real fast. Some fleshlights are designed to give a natural blowjob feel.

If you are someone who gets more turned on seeing their own cock movement opt for a transparent version. If you are someone who enjoys penetrating extra tight pussy, then fleshlights have also got you covered there. The tightness, pussy lips and nodules vary to meet your specifications of sexual delight.

Imagine how thrilling it will be to watch your favourite pornstar on the screen while penetrating a similar butt or vagina. Go live your wildest fantasies, have an orgasm like never before with flashlights. Flashlights also improve your sexual performance over time and give you an unmatched sensation with each thrust.

Intense Stimulation to Make your Legs Tremble

Every penis has its own stimulation level. If you are someone who gets easily turned on while thrusting into a smooth vagina, then get yourself a regular version. But if you are someone who has a kink for deep thrusting pleasure with a lot of surprises and textures then opt for tight, textured canal fleshlights.

Tips for First-Time Buyers of Fleshlight

  • Start with the basics and then level up to more intense and stimulating fleshlights.
  • Buy a product that has moderate stimulating capacity and easy to use structure. Something between textured and smooth will provide you with the best thrusting experience.
  • For a first-timer, opt for something that will allow you to control and adjust your grip according to your sexual preferences.

Are Flashlights Worth Buying?

It is normal to question the utility of a fleshlight. Most men are accustomed to coming off by their hands. But hands will lack the texture and sensation that these toys can offer. You can fantasise about your crush or favourite pornstar while penetrating. Fleshlights will add a thrill to your boring Mondays and turn them into moan-days. The super tight pussy and vibrating toy will make you scream in pleasure. You can also enjoy anal or oral sex. The sensations will send a chill down your spine, and you will wonder why haven’t you purchased a fleshlight earlier!

How and Where to Buy a Fleshlight?

If you feel awkward about walking up to a nearby sex toy store and buying a sex toy, then you can order it online. Many websites offer a vast collection of fleshlights which will get delivered to your doorstep. They use discreet packages to keep your order private from the eyes of others.

Fleshlight Sleeves

If you are not happy with the ones displayed on a website page, you can customise according to your preferences and kinks. You can choose each part and texture of your fleshlight. You can also opt for additional accessories depending on your sexual needs.


It will vary depending on the model you are planning to buy. They have a wide variety of price ranges to suit every customer’s needs.

Tips for using a Fleshlight

  • Secure your fleshlight between your sofa cushion or bed mattress to enjoy a hand-free sexual pleasure and masturbation.
  • You can enjoy a fleshlight with your partner too. Place the toy between your partner’s legs and start thrusting. Fleshlights comes handy in case your partner is not up for anal sex. Also, you can jerk off to a transparent fleshlight while your partner watches you. They open the doorway to creativity for you and your partner.
  • You can buy accessories to stick them up to your shower walls or doors.

How to Hide It?

Everyone is smart enough to understand that it is a sex toy and not a flashlight. Before a guest arrives, hide it somewhere in your personal space.

How to Clean It?

It is essential to clean your fleshlight to avoid bacterial infection. Clean it using warm water and mild soap. Stick up your fingers to the narrowest parts to remove all semen deposited there. Spray an alcohol-based wash to wipe off all bacteria. Finally, let it dry completely.

Which Lube to Use?

Use water-based lube for fleshlights. Opt for a thicker lube to keep the experience smooth and long-lasting. Avoid sticky, silicone or oil-based lubes.


There are many cheaper alternatives present which serves the purpose of a pocket pussy. You can also DIY your sex toy using a toilet paper roll or Pringles container filled with soft material. However, the experience provided by a flashlight will remain unmatched.