Butt Plug can be defined as a small anal sex toy used by both males and females. If we go by the name, these toys are used to plug the asshole of any people. Almost all the butt plugs have a narrow edge, which comes out and forms the shiny neck. It helps the butt hole make a good grip on the shinny neck and keeps the plug firm and steady.

Safety of Butt Plugs

All sex toys related to the anus, including the butt plugs, must have a proper flared base that opposes the plug from sliding into the bottom accidentally. Use lubricants; while using the anal toys, you should always use a good amount of lubricant; else, it can be painful. Before buying any butt plug, you must check the material with which the butt plug is made. You should properly check that the material used to make the butt plug is strong so that it does not snap inside you. If it breaks inside you, it can cause a huge amount of damage. The safest material used to make adult toys is silicone, stainless steel, ABS plastic, and borosilicate glass. Always avoid products that are made with soft plastic or jelly rubber.

Benefits of using Butt Plugs

  • Heightened Sexual Pleasure: Irrespective of the gender, you can wear the butt plug while having sex; the sensation increases the amount of pleasure derived from sex. Butt plugs can also be used to stimulate the G-spot or prostate.
  • Double Penetration: The women can use butt plugs as the means of double penetration. They can use the butt plug while having sex, giving both the pleasure of anal and vaginal sex.
  • Guarded Public Play: The butt plugs are very small in size; hence you can wear them all day wherever you want. You can even wear it while you are outside, and no one will be able to understand anything.
  • Preparation for Anal Sex: Many owners use the butt plugs to stretch their ass holes before receiving anal sex. This helps in enjoying anal sex very much.
  • Hot Idea: For many people, the concept of using butt plugs is very hot, especially in public; hence they use it.

Using the Butt Plug

As the anus does not produce natural fluid or lubricant, so the user needs to use a great amount of lubricant. The users should mainly use water-based lubricants, which are considered the best for any sex toy. A small amount of foreplay is very important for anal play. Tease the asshole with your finger along with lubricant. Insert one finger, then slowly insert the second one for stretching it. Keep it for some time; when you feel that the butt hole is large and relaxed enough, then use the butt plug.

Removing the Butt Plug

You need to use a huge amount of lubricants to remove the butt plug else it will be very painful. You have to do it slowly and steadily; allow the butt hole to relax and then remove the plug slowly. Do not pull it out forcibly.