Every man craves a blowjob irrespective of the fact that it is for foreplay or for reaching climax. Blowjobs can lead to immediate arousal and is one of the most satisfying orgasmic activities. But unfortunately, men are always not lucky enough to experience the pleasure of a blowjob.

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Thankfully, with advanced innovations, sex toy manufacturers have probably come with one of the best in the business. Yes. I won’t be surprised if you permanently switch to this sex toy for your oral sex needs. Alright, enough teasing.

The product you all men have been waiting for is AutoBlow2. It is the latest product launched in the market after a good response from AutoBlow 1. With improved features, it can be a game-changer in the blowjob category of sex toys. Today, I will review this product mentioning all its features, and help all of you to make an informed decision before buying it.

Features of AutoBlow 2

Unlike most of the major brands in the sex industry, which require the up and down movement of hands to enjoy the pleasures of a blowjob; AutoBlow2 makes the activity hands-free. It is an automatic oral sex toy for men. It has a removal mouth-shaped sleeve made from silicon. It consists of an electric motor made with metal that can stroke a man for over 500 hours.

You can also adjust the speed of the motor as per your comfort level and pleasure. The device is made up of three rings covered with beads. They increase the lifespan of the sleeve. With the motor’s help, the beads rotate a wheel which makes the rings go up and down the shaft of the sleeve.


Importantly, such a design makes AutoBlow2 a long-lasting and powerful device. The length and diameter of the device are 8.6 inches and 3.93 inches, respectively.

The 6 inches long canal gives enough space to fit in a penis with a girth of almost 6.5 inches. The device is approximately the size of a 2-liter bottle of a soda can. Unlike its earlier version, AutoBlow1, which used batteries, AutoBlow 2 runs with electricity. To run such a powerful motor, batteries won’t be enough. To ensure safety, it uses UL-listed AC to DC converter adapter.

The customers also have the choice of three different sleeve sizes to choose from. A size for short men, B size for average-sized guys, and C size for the ones with big packages. The design is such that all three different sizes do not compromise on the individual’s level of pleasure. Designs featuring the vagina, mouth, and anus are also available in different sizes.

The customer might get spoilt for choice. The hands-free design is the standout feature of AutoBlow2. The man just needs to hold the device in position, and the device will automatically do the thrusting for you. The man also can control the thrusting speed to suit his pleasure needs. The strong construction of the motor increases its durability and makes the device a long-lasting partner.

The plastic rod inside it is present for maintaining extra hygiene while you enter the sleeve into the canal. Applying water-based lube once you are hard enhances the pleasure.


Its retail price of around 180$ makes it worth every penny considering its design and working mechanism.

Why Should You Buy Autoblow 2?

Like every other sex toy, even AutoBlow2 has some downsides. Since an electric motor operates the device, it produces loud sounds of up to 48 decibels which can be a mood killer for some. It is also heavier as compared to some other sex toys in the market.

It weighs around 2lb. The option of a removable sleeve is good for maintaining hygiene as you can wash it, but due to the material it is made up of, the sleeves release an undesirable odor just after a couple of washes.

The sleeves’ texture-less nature might not satisfy the majority of men who prefer both the right amount of pressure and speed for proper stimulation of their manhood. The beads try to make up for the lack of texture of the sleeves, but they may fall short of expectations.